Wasps And Bee Control

Is it a wasp or a bee? Whats a yellow jacket? Hornets? What is the black and white one chasing me for? Heres a cool video explaining more.

Many of these are harmless unless provoked. Many people are allergic and want nothing to do with them. 

We can not guarantee you won't see any bees (they fly-from your neighbors or wherever they have a nest). We can't promise you won't get stung. We can however minimize the amount of of wasp sharing your home by making nest in your peaks and behind your shutters.

Wasp treatments treat the areas around your home where they are most likely to try to make a home. WE DO NOT treat flowers. We love the honey bee and use products and procedures to minimize exposure to our pollinating friends.

Wasp control is usually performed twice a year in May and August. If any issues on structure pop up we come and take care of it at no charge. Nest found off the structure are treated at a reduced price.

Pricing starts at $90 for a single story home and $100 for a two story. For a free estimate please contact us today. 

Stinging Insect treatment

If you did not have us do a preventative treatment we can still help. We treat nest on structures and other places as well. Please do not plug any entrance holes. You will push your stinging friends inside. Treatments for existing nest start at $130.

Contact today to take care of your wasp or hornet issues


We will not kill honey bees. We keep in contact with local bee keepers to help with extractions. Bees are our friends and we do everything we can to keep them safe. Contact us if you need help locating a beekeeper or go the the Sheboygan County Beekeepers website sheboyganbees.org.