2021 Services

‚ÄčAverage seasonal prices listed. Price may vary.

Pests are annoying! They can also be a health risk or the cause of an allergic reaction. Let our Pest Control Service help. We specialize in home's, waterfront property, as well as professional business buildings like banks, clinics and even retirement/assisted living communities.

Stay Pest Free

Triumph Pest Solutions is here to help insure that your home stays pest free by providing you with personal and professional care. We strive to offer the highest quality service with a professional image. 

Protecting Health and Home

Our staff at Triumph Pest Solutions looks forward to assisting you with your insect pests problems.  Contact us to setup an appointment.

Service Area

We are currently servicing about a 30 mile radius from Plymouth WI including Plymouth, Elkhart Lake, Sheboygan Falls, Kohler, Sheboygan,Howards Grove, Cleveland, Kiel, Adell, Waldo, Cascade, Random Lake, Oostburg, Gibbsville, Cedar Grove, Hingham,Batavia, Greenbush, Glenbuelah,  Mt. Calvary, St. Cloud, Wolf Lake, Long Lake, Lake Ellen, Cedar Lake (Manitowoc County) and more. Don't see your area? Contact us to see if we can add you to the list!

Wasp and Hornet Protection ($170-$200)

We can limit the number of wasp and hornets that try to make your house their home. We do this with two annual treatments generally in late spring and again in late summer/early fall. We also come back free of charge for any "on structure" nest that may occur in between services. Also helps control many other insect pest. Contact us today.

Outside Spider Control ($170-$200)

You can keep your home free of outside spider webs. Depending on your location and property type this is achieved with either two or three annual applications. Outside spider control also helps with controlling other pest and fall invaders. Contact us to find the best plan for you.

Carpenter Ants ($275+)

Carpenter ants have become a greater pest issue over the years. We work to eliminate the entire colony and provide a one year warranty. You can also renew that warranty annually to make sure your home stays protected from these wood destroying pest. Contact us today to learn more.

Mosquito Control (varies by property size)

Whether hosting a party or looking to enjoy your back yard for the summer we can help. We offer both one time and season long treatment plans. We will evaluate your property to see which plan is best for you and your family. Check our Mosquito Control and Mosquito Q&A for more info.

Fall Pest ($120+)

Fall pest include things like asian lady bugs, cluster flies, box elder bugs and stink bugs. These are one time treatments to keep these pest out of your home. Treatments are most effective when applied BEFORE pest start entering your home-so Contact us early so we can get your home treated in time.

Interior Treatments ($60+)

While our overall goal is to keep as many insects out of your home as possible, some do slowly work their way in. An interior treatment may also be recommended as an initial treatment with outside service. We take into consideration all members of the family-including pets when selecting indoor treatment options. We generally perform this service on an "as needed" basis.

Wasp and Hornet Nest ($150+)

If you didn't sign up for preventative control we can still help. We can also help you locate beekeepers if you have a honey bee colony. If unsure please call us first. And whatever you do -don't plug any openings until you are sure the colony is dead. Trapping live hornets inside will drive them angrily into your home.

Roaches (varies by infestation level)

We can help you to eliminate roaches from your property. Treatment plans vary by level of infestation. Multiple treatments are often required and follow up treatments and inspection are scheduled right away. 

Fleas (varies by infestation level)

We recommend checking for dead animals or having your pet treated first. If this has been down we can come out and treat. Will require time for product to dry before you can reenter property.