Mosquito q&A
How does it work?

We inspect your property for areas mosquitos would like to call home. We also look for potential breeding sites and areas that hold water like bird baths or low areas in the yard. We then determine our treatment protocol which usually includes treating standing water areas with a larvicide so that new mosquitos don't hatch. We also use a sprayer to provide a barrier treatment. The barrier treatment will kill the adult mosquitos shortly after they come into contact with it.

Wont the mosquitos just fly from my neighbors yard?

Good question. Mosquitos can fly a considerable distance. While it would be best if your neighbor signed up for service also, the treatment will still work. The barrier product remains effective for around a month (21 days for green products). So, when the mosquitos from your neighbor try to come into your yard, they contact the treatment and die shortly after.

Is it safe for my pets and family?

The products applied are synthetic pyrethroids- which are derivatives of the chrysanthemum flower. Licensed applicators apply the product in a safe manner. We do ask that you stay out of your yard for at least 30 minutes after the treatment to allow it to dry. Once dry you may enjoy your yard as usual. We generally do not treat your mown lawn, as it is not the most common area for mosquitos to live. We focus on other landscape plants and areas like under a patio or the eaves of your home. If you would like, we can provide you with a label of the products that we apply.

How long does a treatment last?

Weather is a huge variable. While some products may last longer, our experience has taught us this- On average our synthetic products last about one month. The green products tend to last about three weeks. This is why we recommend season long control. We will show up every month automatically so that you do not have to call and schedule and possibly wait a few days before we can make the treatment. 

What if it rains?

We will not apply product in the rain or if we feel there is to much wind. We will reschedule your appointment at the earliest possible date, sometimes even the next day. The treatments are considered rain safe after they dry. So if it rains after a treatment it will not be washed off and still good for the full period.

So I will never be bit again?

We can't guarantee that. What we can guarantee is that you should be able to enjoy your yard even during feeding time without having to wear mosquito spray or long sleeves and pants. The treatments greatly reduce populations so that your yard can be enjoyed all summer long. Treatments do not protect against mosquito or tick-borne disease!

What diseases do mosquitos transmit?

The most common mosquito-borne diseases in Wisconsin are currently La Crosse Encephalitis, West Nile Virus and Dog Heartworm. Currently Zika is not a concern in the state because the type of mosquito that transmits the virus is not currently found here. Treatments do not protect against mosquito or tick-borne disease!

Do I need to be home when you treat?

No. Mosquito control is an "outside anytime" service that you do not need to be home for. We will call/text/email a day or two ahead to let you know we will be coming. We will leave notice that your yard has been treated. To protect them, we ask that you have pets inside at the time of service.

Are any other pest covered with mosquito treatment?

No. We do however offer discounted pricing for our exterior treatments if you commit to season long mosquito control. Exterior treatments cover spiders, wasp and most ants (exclude carpenter and pharaoh) Contact us today for discount pricing options.