Keep Summer fun- Enjoy your yard this summer

Keep summer fun!

Keep Summer Fun by limiting pesky mosquitoes and ticks from your yard. We offer season long packages (recommended) as well as one time yard treatments as well as event treatment. 

We have two programs available. Our traditional program uses synthetic odorless pesticides applied to mosquito resting places (not your lawn). We recommend treatment from May- September every 28-30 days.

Our "green" option uses a botanical insecticide with a mild thyme odor. It is applied much like the synthetic treatment, however we recommend treatment every three weeks as it's effectiveness wears out faster.

All products are applied by licensed professional technicians with safety in mind.

The next steps

1. Contact us today to keep summer fun!

2. Sit back, relax and enjoy your yard.

When you sign up for season long control, we will automatically schedule your follow up services. We will notify you when we plan to come, but no one needs to be home as the service is performed outside. (We do ask however, that pets remain indoors for treatment).

*We can not guarantee you will not be bitten or will not see any mosquitos. The program is a reduction program aimed at significantly reducing populations. Triumph Pest Solutions is not liable for any mosquito borne illness or disease allegedly contracted from mosquitos or ticks.

What to expect

While we can't guarantee that you will never be bit again, we can promise you will thoroughly enjoy your yard for the summer. No more dousing yourself with smelly mosquito repellents. No more being chased inside because the mosquitos are to much. No having to cover up and dress uncomfortably to limit bites. Plan barbecues, campfires and outdoor parties with the piece of mind that you won't be chased of by mosquitoes. See our Mosquito Q&A page for more info.