Ant Treatment

When possible we like to keep the battle outside. Often the main nest can be found in a nearby tree or mulch bed. Finding the source and getting them from the outside is much more effective ant control than continually treating inside.

Sometimes it does make sense to do an inside treatment. Various factors like how long the infestation has been going on and time of year all make a difference as to the best plan of action to effectively eliminate ants. 

To find out what plan of action may be best for you and for a free estimate please contact us today!


There are a number of ants that call Sheboygan County home. Carpenter ants activity continues to be a pest for local residents. Other ants include pavement ants which are common on slab foundations, as well as field ants and citronella ants. The most common in our area by far is the carpenter ant.

Ants are colonizers and like bees they work for a queen. Most of the over the counter products just kill the workers, never getting to the queen and her nest to really solve the problem. Triumph Pest Solutions has the tools to get the product to the queen and finish the problem for good.

For more information on household ants check out this UW Insect Lab link.

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are the most common ant problem in Sheboygan County. They venture into homes often looking for food or water. They prefer moist or rotted wood to tunnel through and sometimes will make a sub colony inside a structure. They do not eat wood like termites. They tunnel through it making galleys and in turn leave the wood they infest weaker. Leaving these pest go unchecked may cause structural damage down the road.