Hi, I'm Travis. Triumph Pest Solutions is really just me. I started the company for a few reasons- I used to live in a home that got severely invaded by asian lady beetles and this is just part of my all out war on them. I also love campfires, BBQ and being outside. Mosquitos ruin that- so I like to eliminate them as well. And I dislike walking into spider webs. Otherwise I actually think bugs are pretty cool, although I prefer they stay outside.

I enjoy helping people. Bugs are not always selective as to where they choose to invade. I like being able to help people solve a pest issue and live a better life. I like to feel that by eliminating pest like bed bugs, cockroaches and mosquitos I am helping to make someones world a better one to live in.

I also wanted the freedom of having my own company so I could be fully in charge of how I use my time and resources. I am a terrible sales person because I only want to sell you what you need- so I wouldn't fit in well with larger pest control companies. I aim to give you the results you want in as few services possible.

 I enjoy the outdoors, snowmobiling and being part of the community. 

Fully Trained in Pest Management

I spent years trying all sorts of methods to control mosquitoes in my yard- tiki torches, various sprays as well as some "professional grade" things I was licensed to use. I found what I feel works best and want to share it with you.  I also challenged my previous knowledge in managing pests with a pretty intense Pest Management class which had a 600 page textbook -  which was awesome! Who reads 600 pages about bugs and thinks it's awesome? Me! Pest are continually evolving and I strive to stay educated and up to date by attending seminars and classes to keep ourselves ahead of the pest, and provide you with the best possible service.

Professional Pesticide Applicator and More

I take my job seriously.  I am a fully accredited Wisconsin Pesticide Applicator License for over 10 years of experience.  Additionally, I am a member of the WPCA (Wisconsin Pest Control Association) and the NPMA (National Pest Management Association ).

I like to challenge the status quo- I am not a fan of over servicing or applying more product than necessary. I am continually learning and experimenting and bringing that knowledge with me in the field.


To help people enjoy there homes and outdoor living areas at a reasonable cost. I may not the cheapest guy you will find, but my prices are fair. My goal is to keep pest from entering into your home in the first place. I don't require contracts and honestly will try to treat your home as little as possible. I take all things into consideration when choosing the best treatment including children, pets, weather and nearby waterways. I prefer to use as little product as possible and treat as little as possible- not because of the cost of product, but because it is the right thing to do.  

I look forward to helping you with your insect pest control needs. 

Thank You!

Travis Schnelle, Owner
Triumph Pest Solutions